Fully tuned to your technical requirements

LKE products for hygiene handling areas are supplied with the following surface treatment as required:

> Aluminium pallets

Untreated and cleaned for use outside the clean room

with AluClean® hygiene polish for use in the clean room.

This treatment gives the LKE pallets their special hygienic gloss surface. Bacteria and dirt particles have no chance to settle on the pallets.



Benefits of the AluClean® hygiene polish treatment:

• Anti-bacterial
GMP compliant
• Anti-static
Optimum hygienic surface treatment
• Low on-costs for disinfection
• Chemical substance resistant
• Very easy to clean
Corrosion free and rust free
• High service life

ROBUSTO lifters and specialised appliances are supplied with glass bead blasted surfaces as standard.

Glass Bead Blasting
Glass bead blasting is especially suitable for producing clean surfaces in corners and edges of welded constructions quickly and evenly. The surface is not just cleaned with this method but also made denser and the resistance against tension corrosion is therefore increased.


The ROBUSTO lifting truck and mobile weighing technology are supplied in electro-polished versions as standard. Exceptions are specialised designs as required by the customer, which are supplied with glass bead blasted surfaces.    

Electro Polishing
Electro polished products should be used especially in areas where cleanliness, sterile and good cleaning environments must be observed. Electro-polished surfaces have maximum resistance to corrosion because of their high levels of  passivity. Product adhesion is reduced because of the improved levels of roughness and, above all, because of the optimised surface profile. A further advantage is its good cleaning potential. 


Benefits of the Electro Polishing

• Metal cleanliness and passivity
• High resistance to corrosion
Minimum product adhesion
• Easy to clean
• Service life is extended