LKE products for the clean room

Customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries demand sterile and clean product environments.

Especially products for in-house transport must, importantly, fulfil the GMP, QHD and HACCP guidelines.


LKE especially fulfils the most demanding requirements with its aluminium and stainless steel pallets, containers, meshed boxes, lifting and tilting equipment as well as stainless steel lift trucks.

All LKE Clean Room products are:

  • Absolutely safe because of our construction and manufacture, 
with its hygiene optimised design (closed construction)
  • Absolutely robust we guarantee a long service life 
because of the strong quality in workmanship
  • Absolutely clean because of simple cleaning of our products, the cleaning process is shortened and less cleaning agents are needed


Therefore aluminum pallets are used in many clean room zones in the pharmaceutical and chemical as well as food industries. Aluminum pallets with AluClean® hygiene polish set a special standard here.          


> These not only fulfill the hygiene guidelines of the GMP Code of Practice but also the criteria of the clean room. 

MBFs are also used more and more in the clean room. Together with FIBCs they are used to transport materials and products in solid and powder form, such as for coating tablet presses.

ROBUSTO lift trucks are fully made of stainless steel, including the hydraulics.
All components are welded through. The chassis is electro-polished, so that
no corrosion or dirt deposits can form.                           

Materials are lifted, transported, tilted and shifted in production environments. This is where the LKE lifting and tilting equipment is the first choice. It is ideal for use in clean rooms because of its technology and multitude of attachments as well as its closed construction.

The mobile ROBUSTO weighing systems can be used flexibly where ever they are needed, i.e. in the clean room as well as EX areas. 

LKE products for the clean room

GMP compliant
Fulfill European guidelines on hygiene
• Easy cleaning
• Robust and tough
Corrosion resistant   
• Equipment completely in stainless steel
• Long service life
• Surface treated
Maintenance free
EX Protection