MBF (Mini Bag Frame), aluminum and stainless steel

Especially for transporting FIBC bag, LKE produces MBF frames in different versions with which the bags can be transported easily.

You can chose between square and rectangular euro-pallet-compliant acceptance frames. These acceptance frames are available in:

• Rigid design
• Foldable design
• Collapsible design
• Rollable or high-bay warehouses design
• Successive or stackable design
• With / Without lifting column or fork guidings

The MBF can be produced in aluminium and / or stainless steel.

The advantages speak for themselves:

Validation and minimised costs for the cleaning process.
• Stock-keeping savings through space-saving storage (stackable, foldable)
Easy dosing due to valve controlling
• 100% evacuation due to prevention of fold formation of the FIBC by our special acceptance frame.
GMP-compliant and compliant with safety at work regulations (BGR234)
• Simple handling
• Suitable for roller conveyors and high-bay warehouses.
• Easy to clean.
No risk of contamination due to utilization of one-way bags                                                                    


We would be pleased to provide you with more details and prepare an individual offer that meets your needs.

You are interested in Mini-Bags?

Since 2006 we cooperate with Tiza Textile Packaging, the leading manufacturer of Mini-Bags and FIBC. More informations.

  • MBF fixed

    MBF fixed

    • Suitable for high-bay racking
    • simple, dimensionally stable rack
    • stackable when empty
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    • MBF foldable

      MBF foldable

      • Suitable for high-bay racking
      • rack can be folded away
      • then stackable when empty
      • also as stack  
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      • MBF collapsible

        MBF collapsible

        • Suitable for high-bay racking
        • rack can be folded away
        • storage on support
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        • Circular belt valve

          Circular belt valve

          • Metering
          • no contact with product
          • external use on discharge nozzles of MiniBags/BigBags
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