Lift trucks

ROBUSTO hand lift trucks: perfect down to the last detail – a practical workhorse.

ROBUSTO lift trucks are entirely made of stainless steel.
> Perfectly constructed, down to the last detail, providing ergonomic operation.

These are deliverable with different options, depending on the handling equipment, from manual to electric or pneumatic Ex-protected versions.

Guarantee safety (GS approved and produces in line with CE standard)
Patented hydraulic pump
• Lifting loads with only two pumps – saves time and costs
• Delicate, smooth hand lowering with the soft lowering system is gentle on the user, floors and goods transported
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Extremely robust
Made in Germany – Geman quality product
Hygienic and GMP-compliant design
• Long-lasting use guaranteed
• Available with many options


  • Edelstahl-Hubwagen Robusto 2300

    Edelstahl-Hubwagen Robusto 2300

    • Hand pallet truck
    • standard
    • special lengths also available
    • load capacity 2300 kg
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    • ROBUSTO HHW 600

      ROBUSTO HHW 600

      • Hand lift truck
      • lift height up to 3000 mm
      • load capacity 400 or 600 kg
      • electrical lift and drive motor
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      • ROBUSTO Maxi-Lift

        ROBUSTO Maxi-Lift

        • Hand pallet truck with 210 mm lift height
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        • ROBUSTO SH 1000

          ROBUSTO SH 1000

          • Scissor lift truck with forks or roller conveyor
          • load capacity 1000 kg
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          • ROBUSTO Truck

            ROBUSTO Truck

            • Hand lift truck, lift height up to 115 mm
            • load capacity up to 2500 kg
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            • ROBUSTO Trans-Lifter

              ROBUSTO Trans-Lifter

              • Hand lift truck
              • lift height up to 2500 mm
              • load capacity up to 1500 kg
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