Containers in aluminum and stainless steel: Perfect transport and ideal storage

LKE containers are reusable packages made of aluminium or stainless steel that are tailored to various needs and applications. They are compliant with EU packaging standards.

Containers of different sizes can be stacked among one another, as dimensions are adapted to common freight vehicle standards.

The interior of a LKE container is designed individually according to your requirements to fit the material loaded. Lids, doors or roller shutters option are available.

LKE containers can be equipped for being transported with lift trucks, cranes or with an own carriage. Foldable and stackable versions are also available.

LKE containers are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are. for example, employed for the batch-oriented storage of products or for intralogistical transport.

Benefits of LKE containers:

•  Rainproof
•  Customized design
•  Safe and efficient transport
•  Perfectly adapted to your product
•  Extremly resilient
•  High hygiene standard
•  Absolute protection for damageable goods
•  Low weight
•  Suitable for roller conveyours and high-bay warehouses
•  Recyclable
•  Of lasting value

> On request, we produce customised containers for you as a link in your logistical chain. For any use, and tailor-made down tho the smallest detail. 

  • Aluminium container

    Aluminium container

    • made completely of aluminium
    • with and without wheels
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  • Stainless steel container

    Stainless steel container

    • made completely of stainless steel
    • with and without wheels
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